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When it comes to commitment , You will find WayToMakkah one of the best Hajj and Umrah services provider in UK. We ensure you flight, hotel, transportation and acquisition of Umrah visa.

WayToMakkah is a leading travel service provider for Hajj n Umrah. If you are looking for a most trustworthy and comfortable yet convenient source to perform your holy journey, WayToMakkah is your right spot. WayToMakkah started their journey in 2013 and received a huge credit from the entire Muslim community by offering cheap and excellent travel services. We offer perfect packages for those who are looking for reliable Hajj and Umrah services for their holy journey.


Within a short span of time WayToMakkah successfully won the loyalty and trust of customers with their unbeatable services. The expert agents of WayToMakkah also reform schedules for its customers making sure that they have superior time wherever they travel to.

Why customers prefer WayToMakkah

WayToMakkah provides; in terms of their travel and tour services, air travel bookings, and satisfy their customers with hotel reservations facilities along with providing consultancy on planning itineraries for holy voyage. In that way the pilgrims not only relish their sacred visit but enjoy without spending great deal of money.

Affordable Hajj and Umrah Services

WayToMakkah offers wide array of holy travel and tour deals with special Hajj and Umrah packages. Customers are able to find great deals of cheapest packages with some of the finest hotel accommodations and inexpensive airlines. WayToMakkah offers discounted offers and organized them into various packages to suit the needs of holy travellers. From our wide range of Hajj n Umrah packages, customers can choose their desired package that suits their budget the most to perform their holy duties.

Customer care facilities

The travel agents at WayToMakkah are always available to assist holy travellers and troubleshoot any concerns they might be facing. The customers can stay in touch with our agents during or whilst performing the sacred journey. The agents at WayToMakkah are always ready and prepared to guide the righteous voyagers if they are stuck somewhere or they want to change the itineraries. Our friendly agents take care of your every need on this scared journey.

Our services provide the best experience to all the Muslim pilgrimages who are guest at the house of Allah. Our packages are affordable and convenient to make this lifetime experience as comfortable as possible. We offer the holy trips in best economic package every year.

About WayToMakkah

WaytoMakkah is UK based hajj and Umrah tour organizers and is committed to serve you throughout your entire pilgrimage. We offer many packages that are reasonable and suit your family. We serve the guests of Allah with our best 5 star package. From providing best possible food to you, to pilgrimage drafted guidelines, with visa, flight accommodation and return ticket. The first part is to book online bookings and payment. The intelligent tour agents of WaytoMakkah will take care of your visa and forward your particulars and proofs of payment to Saudi embassy for verification. Once they verified your documents, the embassy will issue visa within months. With many particulars, the process includes weekly or monthly health checkups of the pilgrim. WaytoMakkah guide you through your health checkups as part of the process. To deliver the cheapest and most affordable Umrah n Hajj flight is an incredible feature of WaytoMakkah.  We provide all kinds of flights from first to economy and business class. Your safety is our priority. Apart from performing the obligatory rituals, you also need to communicate in a strange country. That is why our guide will stay in touch with you throughout the holy journey to make your journey comfortable and worthwhile. Being long in business our travel agency is well-established and trustworthy. Our range of discounted packages is limitless. WaytoMakkah offers various combinations of Hajj and Umrah deals including flights with visa, visa, flight with hotel etc.

Another great advantage WaytoMakkah offers you is the facility of local transport at airport for your safe arrival at your reserved hotel under the command of WaytoMakkah travel experts. This local conveyance can be available for you throughout your entire sacred journey on demand too. After successful accomplishment of your holy voyage this same facility will be given to you to drop you at the airport for your departure too.

Arranging a hotel is yet another important thing and for your ease, and comfort WaytoMakkah arranges the best hotels from 3 stars to 5 stars and some even near to Haram itself.

WaytoMakkah seriously notice the feedbacks of our customers as we believe in quality improvement and that is why the research team at WaytoMakkah is always searching for perfection and excellence in our profession. This is the reason our customers ranked us on top.

Separate hoteling arrangements for females can also be made if requested. Inside the hotel a special place for kids can also be provided for their fun and safety. WaytoMakkah take special care of senior citizens. Citizens who are up to the age of 65 are provided with individualized services like arranging accommodation for them in ground floor for their ease and convenience.

In Medina you can start your sacred journey by a mini bus as per our pre planned timetable that suits you the best. The whole holy tour can be completed in less budget and no extra charges will be included.

If demanded, the package will also include a comfortable transportation facility between Makah and Medina. This convenient facility will be provided for you by WaytoMakkah so that you can move into urban areas and cities of Saudi Arab comfortably.

WaytoMakkah provides best nutrition based hygienic food for you. As getting a proper food in any foreign country is a challenging task. WaytoMakkah will make sure to arrange the best and healthiest diet all the time for you during your holy pilgrimage.

The priority of WaytoMakkah is to make their customers more satisfied spiritually, physically and mentally with cheap budget packages. But that doesn’t mean you will settle for less, we offer luxurious packages from first class flights to deluxe hotel stays with economical ease and affordable budget. Our team is experienced and will guide you step by step from arranging local transportation to being in touch with you for you and your family’s security. We offer services of international standards with economical packages. WaytoMakkah can even arrange these holy tours for your kids.

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Your convenience has been considered highly while tailoring this package for you. I hope you will like the services we are offering to you.


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